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 I was born in Istanbul, but my grandparents come from Bayburt. Bayburt is less known than the other cities of Turkey. I want to talk about Bayburt.

Bayburt is in the North-East of Turkey, so it is in the region of East Black Sea.

Its neighbours are Gümüşhane, Trabzon, Rize, Erzurum and Erzincan provinces.

The population of Bayburt is about ninety thousand. It is a small city and there are not a lot of people living there. Many people have migrated from there to other cities, especially to Istanbul. For example, in Istanbul, there are three hundred thousand people originated from Bayburt.

Industry hasn’t developed in the city, so Bayburt is not an industrial city, but it is an agricultural city.

I think, Bayburt is famous for people. People living there don’t lock the doors in the city. Burglary is zero, the usage of illegal electricity is zero and judicial case is nearly zero in Bayburt. People in Bayburt trust in each other.

River Çoruh, Clock Tower and Bayburt Castle are famous in the city centre. Zigana spiral mountain route is between Trabzon and Bayburt is dangerous, but it is exciting and worth to see.

Cuisine of Bayburt is very delicious. When you visit the city, you should try Döner, Papara, Çiriş, Çaşır, Kuymak and Ziron.

Being snowy and too cold in winters is disadvantage of the city, so people have been migrating from it, but Mountain Kop is available for winter sports, especially skiing.

If you think to tour in Black Sea Region, you should first start from Bayburt.